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This site is for those looking for privacy and those who wish to secure their sovereignty and the protection of their property and researchers for a better life.

Privacy Tools Services offers founding companies and OffShore companies services abroad, and consulting in the field of maintaining the privacy and protection of wealth, immigration services, residency programs and passport, opening bank accounts abroad and Management Consulting.

Why do you have to think about getting a better life ?


Privacy Tools Services is a provider About citizenship and legal residence programs derive their expertise and credibility from our clients.

Please be advised that the Privacy Tools Services does not sell passports!

According to our agreement with our sources, or countries and the competent authorities, some programs can not disclose the name of state offered, only to persons who meet the requirements. and the first of all prove financial ability to bear the cost of the program.
The Privacy Tools Services shall transmit who fulfill the conditions for the application to the competent authorities, in exchange for referral fees paid in advance.

We work according to the laws of the countries that grant the passport, citizenship and residence.

“Please review the pay and conditions of the guarantee.”

Basic services:

  • Second citizenship programs

There are many companies today that claim to be offering a second passport or a second nationality programs. Let it be known that the second passport is based on getting a second citizenship legally.

So we provide programs for second passport from countries recognized the appropriate legislation to facilitate conditions for seekers second passport, mostly through Investment.

Passport is an official document issued by the State concerned to facilitate the travel of its citizens abroad.

Contrary to what many believe that the ownership of the passport belongs to the state that issued and not the beare, and the index through which to learn the extent of the respect he commands your passport is the number of states that can be accessed without a visa.

– Establishing companies inside and outside the United Arab Emirates Because of its importance for the business to expand their business activity and open new markets so we provide this basic service since company inception.

– Financial services that we provide to a businessmen and we place full attention in it.