We offer you our office is composed of a group of lawyers and advisers in Spain, an expert in the field of helping to set up the international companies specialized in the field of immigrant affairs, which exceeds ten years of experience, expertise, continuous and fruitful and tender. The inherent knowledge of the local market and customers from North Africa and the Near East made them one side commercial developers at the Chamber of Commerce in the aforementioned areas in the world. Work dedicated team is very capable of finding effective solutions to all matters related to our customers, ranging from how to obtain a residence visa, study, or work in Spain, buy real estate properties and other business opportunities, the establishment of companies, open bank accounts and transfer funds capital, Tourism health, health Insurance. In sum, we cover and successfully overcome all the challenges facing our customers in all affairs relating to the establishment of the state of Spain or create a company or study Aothoil money or health insurance and other services. Our goal is to provide a modified service according to customer request, enabling always and continuously personal and professional belongings, investigators satisfaction of our customers and the quality of the work is on the rise. The quality of the services that we offer to our customers: Rationalize, we draw and facilitate the drafting and submission of applications for all visa types (a short stay, tourism, investment, study, … and long-term residence: residence and work). Do all the procedures to get residence and work permit in Spain. Spanish law provides a range of options for foreign businessmen and investors wishing to set up the company, to invest, or simply to stay in Spain. Lanci follow a renewed approach consistently to facilitate movement between the states and the process of competition between businesses. Card for work and residence in case of your own business: – This card will help you to develop your own business in Spain. – An initial validity of one year, extendable for two years, and then the extension for two years again, and then get a permanent residence. – Authorize you live outside Spanish territory for a period of 180 days per year. – Facilitate access to non-profit residence for family members of direct license. Card for residence non-profit: . Authorizing residence without having to work. . The usual way for members of the investor, who works for his own business. . Authorize live outside Spanish territory for 180 days per year, and thus comes to the investor follow-up supervision of the projects. . Justification provided by the amount of below 26,000 euros, in addition to the amount of 6,500 euros for each family member per year in a bank account, as well as the incomes of the journal material derived from the commercial activity outside of Spain. Residency by the real estate investment: . Get to a real estate property in Spain worth 500,000 euros . For each family member. The first card is valid for two years, and the second five years. The establishment of commercial companies: by foreign citizens, including the general process of beginning to end even come for the company to initiate work and production, and to provide relevant advice. Real Estate services: offer help in the search for adequate housing and counseling regarding the sale and purchase of housing, shops, a private Real Estate Industrial shops … so these processes take place in the best conditions and a most successful. Open bank accounts and transfer of capital: Counselling by professionals in the business for foreigners and the ration of operations or companies based abroad. Health services administration and health insurance: supervise the whole process of submission of the application to get private insurance, and visa related to this type of insurance, and everything has to do to stay in Spain.   Note: All prices above are not included office fees.