Portugal – Gateway to Europe

EU countries and the Schengen area, trusted by all the members of the OECD. In addition, the rule of Portugal to Brazil and, until recently, on the Goa (India), Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, Timor, Sao Tome and Macao (China). Given the peaceful relationship between those countries and its history, Portugal has a privileged relationship between Europe and Africa, South America and Asia, and thus have more citizenship residence liberal policies in Europe.

Accommodation in Portugal allow free travel within all EU countries.

How to get a gold Visa EU?

    • Buying a property / villa worth 500,000 euros, or deposit million euros in a bank in Portugal, or
    • Establish a recruitment company of 10 people.
    • Besides these two options you can from our strong investment in Portugal through the purchase of real estate worth more than one million euros for half the price (to ask for this investment please contact us.

What we offer you:

  • Full rights of residence in Portugal.
  • Full access to any European country in the Schengen area without any restrictions.
  • Initial proceedings take only 90 days, a program sponsored by the Portuguese government and the European Union.

We completion of all basic transactions without the need to travel to Portugal in the first phase.

It is an excellent program for the wealthy Allvet are looking for investment opportunities and also about freedom of travel and accommodation within the European Union.

The cost of services associated with the program is 10,000 euros only