Paraguay program is one of the most popular programs that are easy and practical way and at a reasonable cost.

This program requires a total of three visits to Paraguay within three years. The total cost for this program is $ 25,000 for each application, payable in three installments over three years in addition to the referral fees.


The first payment when submitting the application and the second when obtaining residency and the third at the last visit for citizenship documents and receipt of the passport.

Paraguay does not allow the naturalization of those under the age of 18 without a parent to be a native citizen. No exceptions.

Referral fees for the company Privacy Tools Services is $ 6,500 for a single person and $ 13,000 for a family of two or more people.

Unfortunately, children under the age of 18 are not eligible for citizenship Paraguay.

Please be aware that the applicant’s financial solvency highlighting the book value of $ 5,000, and this is imposed on all who wish to obtain the citizenship.

(The text below Moved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay put the citizens of both Africa and the Middle East, India, Pakistan, China (mainland only, not Hong Kong and Macao) on the “banned list”.

This does not mean that you can not get a residency and then citizenship, but means that the costs may increase up to $ 40,000 for each application to the citizens of these countries and regions.

It is also possible to accomplish all transaction during one additional year at a cost of about $ 5,000 for each application.

Executive steps

Phase I – permanent residence (Note: This is not a permanent resident and temporary)

    • Cost: only $ US $ 9950 per family, and include all taxes and fees and official transactions.
    • Date is set for you in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, where they are start receiving at the airport and taken to the hotel. When it’s time (the next day or next) are full of documents in preparation of our lawyer’s office. This needs to be a two-day
    • You need to be prepared and translated documents certified (by the nearest consulate of Paraguay you to the following):
        • birth certificate
        • Marriage certificate or divorce (if you are married or never)
        • Adli record of your country
        • ID photo
        • Benefit from your bank or account statement shows that you have the amount of $ 5,000 and the amount you have deposited in an account in your name to Paraguay bank after you arrive. The money left for you and you can be withdrawn after receiving permanent residence. To this end, it is preferable to also bring a modern history of the telephone, electricity or water bill Order from your country because most banks require an invoice when opening an account.These documents must be sent to us at least a week before the date of arrival.You must also obtain a tourist visa from the nearest consulate of Paraguay if the current nationality does not entitle you to enter without a visa.Then you can always stay in the country or wait ten days to receive permanent residence card before departure (which is similar to the national identity card and give you the same as the original Civil Rights), or we can send it to you via registered mail wherever you are in the world.

The second phase – the passport

Cost: $ 12,500 US dollars for each member of the family, and that includes fees. After two years and eight months from the date of gaining permanent residence, you can apply for citizenship and passport.

Step 1 . Collect the documents listed below and send it to us.

    • It must be 18 years and above.
    • Summary CV, which includes information about your achievement and scientific career etc.
    • Original passport.
    • Original birth certificate certified by the nearest consulate of the country of Paraguay.
    • Good conduct from a recognized certification authority in your country or Adli interpreter record and certified by the Paraguayan Consulate
    • If you have a degree or a college degree it should be translated into Spanish and ratification of the consulate as well.
    • If you have any property in Paraguay (flat, for example) must provide a copy of the title deed, certified by a notary in Paraguay.

Step 2 . Make an appointment with us and procedures for travel to Asuncion for two days to sign the papers.

Step 3 . After our sponsorship of the request and get approved you will get an appointment for an examination of the Spanish language. We will provide you with the answers in advance but preferably follow the course to learn Spanish for a period of two or three months. Then shortly you can apply for a passport from Paraguay.