Today you can with this unique service of privacy tools to get the services residence from the Dominican Republic with very simple cost and practical way through our lawyers specialists.

The full cost of the stay is $ 15,000 per adult and $ 7,000 for children under eighteen years of age.

It takes one visit for a week.

And our service include:

    • All official procedures for obtaining permanent residence take care of her lawyers office in Santo Domingo
    • Arrange and pay for the guarantee required
    • Medical examinations fees at the immigration office
    • Complete coverage of all charges relating to access to documents of residence in Dominican Republic
    • Translator service in all your meetings at the immigration office or other authorities in the Dominican Republic
    • Cover all local transport fees to and from the Immigration Office in Santo Domingo during the first two weeks of your stay in the country
    • And pay the cost of securing a room (a room in the city center with A / C, hot water and cable TV
    • And pay the cost of securing a room (a room in the city center with A / C, hot water, cable TV and phone) for your stay in a hotel for two weeks in Santo Domingo until the finalization of the accommodation transactions
    • Reception and transportation from the international airport in Santo Domingo service to the hotel after your arrival
    • Help arrange a rental house or apartment you if you want to stay in the country
  • It also includes the provision of free legal advice service from our lawyers for two weeks.

Government fees for citizenship:

The government fees for citizenship based on the number of dependents accompanying the application for naturalization
-Fees decide on the citizenship application / 3000 / three thousand dollars.

Security review and search fees (for both options, whether monetary donation or buy a property certified)
-The main demand of US $ 7500 presenter
-The husband or wife of US $ 7,500
-Accompanying children who reach the age of 16 years and above US $ 4,000
-Fee per person of $ 750
-Drawing a passport for each person in 1200 US dollars

Note: All application fees mentioned above are subject to change in any moment by the Dominican government, and in certain cases will require payment of an additional fee to serve the security review and research, and it depends on the nationality held by the Applicant.

Legal fees:
The legal fees based on the total number of applicants for citizenship Dominican age and other factors such as the country of the applicants or residents currently “on it, and also” include other legal fees associated with the process of applying citizenship.

    citizenship :

To qualify under the program Dominican citizenship by investment, you should be:
– At the age of 18 years and above.
– Do not have any criminal record (must provide a good conduct certificate)
– To enjoy excellent health condition (it must be free of infectious diseases and dangerous)
– That you deposit the amount of investment directly with the Dominican Government, a non-refundable or invest in
Real estate project is supported by the Dominican government.

The process of deciding on the request:
-You must pass a medical examination.
-Submission of required documents.

required documents :
– Do not rule him from the police record with fingerprinting for everyone over 16 years.
– 8 portraits of each individual.
– marriage certificate
– birth certificate
– Family book or marriage statement
– Children aged 12-18 need for a letter of recommendation from their schools + proof of payment of registration fees.
– For children over 18 years old you need evidence for their college education or their graduation certificates.
– Proof of the work that you are an employee “or an employer.
– Recommendation from the bank’s credibility and bank dealings.
– Scholarship certificates to the husband and wife, if any.
– A medical certificate for each individual.
– A contract to purchase the property from the Dominican government (if you choose to purchase the property).
– A statement signed by the applicant which explains how he gets his money.

Pay government fees and send the documents translated into English with the forms to the Dominican government.

There are two options to invest for citizenship in the Dominican Republic:
1. cash donation non-refundable.
2. Buying a property is supported by the government.

Choose the first investment (cash donation non-refundable):
To submit only one application (Advanced alone) should donate to the government amounting to 100 thousand US dollars only.
-For a family consisting of husband or wife + Applicant: You should donate the amount of 175 thousand US dollars only.
-For a family consisting of husband or wife + applicant + two children who are less than 18 years old must donate to the government amounting to 200 thousand US dollars only.
-And for each additional child less than 18 years is donating $ 50 thousand US dollars per child.
-But if you have children between the ages of 18 to 25 years, you are required to donate to the government an additional amount of $ 50 thousand US dollars only.
-We added the father or mother who are 65 years and above by donating to the government an additional amount of $ 50 thousand US dollars only.
Note :
All the above investments are non-refundable.

Choose the second investment (buying a property is supported by the government):
Applicant must buy a property is supported by the Dominican government in the amount of 220 thousand US dollars
After it is approved by the government, the following fees are required:
-The main sponsor of 50 thousand US dollars
-The husband or wife of 25 thousand US dollars
-For each dependent child under 18 years old $ 20 thousand
-Each child between 18 and 25 years old  50 thousand US dollars .
-Advanced father or mother who are more than 65 years and $ 50 thousand.

You will be able to sell the property after you have purchased for 3 years, and can sell it to someone else who wants to use for the purpose of obtaining Dominican nationality through investment after five years from the date of purchase.