The second sex experts advise all those seeking a new home or take advantage of the features to get a second nationality to take advantage of this very unique program that in terms of the reasonable cost or in terms of privileges and special guarantees offered by these citizenship in terms of the freedom to travel to a large number of countries, including zone countries Schengen in Europe and Britain to hand or take advantage of the tax paradise of Vanuatu.

Information about Republic of Vanuatu

lies island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, which represents the state called the Republic of Vanuatu and its capital , Port Vila, but the word of Vanuatu are attributed to “Vanua” and “Tu” and the full meaning is the new country. The island is an archipelago of volcanic origin consisting of 80 islands, located about 1750 km north – east of Australia and north – east of new Caledonia, near new Guinea and take the form of No. 7. these islands enjoy the spectacular nature of the wonderful coast of green and dense forests and wide, and other scenic. The climate is tropical humid, and it rains the summers any time between November and April, is also subject to hurricanes during this period. Information about theprogram launched the Republic of Vanuatu its new program after the Parliament substantial amendments to the Constitution as the government has commissioned and the delegation of Vanuatu company Rehapeletishn Browerem Mina Origin Vanuatu Rehabilitation program – MENA region exclusively, receiving, submission and follow – up requests for desiring the nationality of the Republic of Vanuatu from the Middle East and North Africa. the cost of the program for individual request: $ 200,000 (two hundred thousand US dollars) of domestic demand even four people ( the husband, wife and two sons . ) $ 230,000 (two hundred and thirty thousand US dollars) any additional child under eighteen years: $ 15,000 (fifteen thousand US dollars) any additional child between eighteen and twenty – fifth: $ 25,000 (twenty five thousand American dollars each person) and the father of the applicant and the mother of the main application or one of them: $ 25,000 (twenty five thousand American dollars per person) payable as follows: 50% upon submission of the application and signing the contract , and after obtaining the initial approval of the remaining 50% after the issuance of the final approval of the sin of sexual body (about 2-4 weeks)Payment method: bank transfer period to complete thetransaction until the receipt of the certificate of nationality and passport: two to three from the date of application without the need to travel. nationality software features of Vanuatu: unique citizenship program of Vanuatu several advantages, including the :
No need to travel or residence in the country

  1. No need to learn a new language
  2. No military service
  3. Best cost versus high quality
  4. The completion of all the transactions and receive the passport in less than three months
  5. A government program of government guarantees
  6. Family program with the inclusion of the wife and children
  7. The possibility of boys benefit between eighteen and twenty-fifth-old at a cost of no more than $ 25,000
  8. The possibility of parents for citizenship if over the age of 65 years old and living with the applicant or under his care.
  9. Connecting citizenship certificate and passport to the place of your residence through the presence of the Government Commissioner to your home to complete the delivery of documents ceremony.
  10. Sex for a lifetime and can be renewed passport in the office of any diplomatic mission every five years or over the passport office without the need to attend personally
  11. No tax on income worldwide
  12. Procedures uncomplicated
  13. Provide weekly information about your request
  14. The signing of a formal contract to ensure rights
  15. The receipt of a written letter from the sexual body about two weeks after the date of application confirms the acceptance of your application.
  16. Freedom of travel to the most advanced, including all European countries and to facilitate obtaining visas and other countries of the world. Since the sexual Vanuatu allow holders to travel without a visa to 106 (one hundred and six) countries around the world and occupies a passport Vanuatu ranked 47 in the world.