Lawyer fees for company registration and resident permit procedure:

    • 1 company registration and  2 general manager  representation at immigrarion office (including, tax number, social security number, company registration, company registration tax (450 EUR),  resident permition process until decision) 

5000EUR payment is upfront the other 5000EUR

         amounts after approval, but that will cover the 2 GM                        family application

    • Business investment: 2 GM fee can be shared:

investment to a shop, includes rental fees and deposit for the rented shop until the decision was made by immigration office regarding his resident permit, cashier, invoicing software, 3 employee fee and tax for minimum 6-7 month- until the end of the immigration procedure, authority permits for shop, purchased goods in the shop, and all the necessary  accessories to be able to open the shop, accountancy, seat service until decision

1 year Accomodation for the 2 GM included

1 year health insurance for 2GM is included

Tax numbers Included:

    • Social security numbers
    • EU VAT number for the company is included
    • Official office address for the company 1 year included

The investment amount shall be paid to your company bank account which we open for the shop under your name , you have the internet accto the bank account as well, you are able to check the procedure or if it is more safe for you, you can make the tax payments, other payments by your self.

From the lawyer fee 5000EUR shall be transfered before we register the company and the rest is after approved resident permit. The final fee will be a chare for the family applications





After approval you need to pay after the company /company not per GM

seat service/month          45EUR (with VAT)

accountant/month           45EUR(with VAT)

personal income tax        During the family application in process

2 month 225EUR is your monthly tax

payment govermental insurance.

After family approved your salary tax is

50 EUR/month

According by the Hungarian Law, Hungarian business resident permit can be given to a person, who is a shareholder and general manager in a company which was registered by the Hungarian Court of Registy and the company is active, making business.

After getting the resident permit the client  family is eligible to get family reunification resident permit. (mother, father, wife and children)

To meet with the Hungarian requirements we give you the full service to

1., register you a company

2., we also manage to have the necessary business activity in the company.

1., Company can be registered from abroad throught the Hungarian Embassy.

    1. We need and individual name of and a permament address (seat) for the company.

We can provide the necessary address we have seat service, which is 35 EUR+ VAT/ month. The company seat can be changed in the future.

    1. We need to create TAX number for those, who are going to be the general manager at the company. ( whoever would like to apply for resident permition, should be assigned as a general manager also) Tax number is included in the price. 2-3 working days
    1. We prepair the company’s documents and send it to you in email. All the documents should taken to the Hungarian Embassy and the shareholders and general managers should sign it in front of the consul. The consul fee is around 30 EUR/pages, but not every page should be signed. It is around 8 countersignature alltogether.
    1. We need the documents in email and in original also, so it should be sent back by currier. We can only countersign the original if the consul after the consul countersignature.
    1. We register the company at the Court of Registry and meanwhile we are waiting for the registration we start to manage the business and supporting documents for the resident permition applicaton. 10-15 days

2., Business activity

According by the Hungarian Law the company has to be active.

For our clients we open a little shop under the name of our client’s company. And we employ 3 person in the shop. According to the new programe you need to have 3 hunagian citizen for 6 month to be able to start the application. We rent a place for the shop, we employ a Hungarian citizen, who run the shop. In our quotation for this investment every necessary equipment, employee fees, taxes, accountancy, cashier is included. The goods which is selled in the shop is also included.

This kind of shops can be checked by immigration office anytime, since it is a real shop and opened for customers, immigration office can go there and controll the business activity of your company.

Whoever opens a shop and has 3 hungarian employees for min 6 month according by the hungarian law, the resident permit purpose is automatically accepted for the owner of the company. So that is how we can guarantee the resident permit with an 80% payback guarantee.

Every cost is made by against invoice.

After getting resident permit, clients comes to Budapest and make a decesion above his own shop. Wheater he keeps the shop or sell the rental rental rights and close the shop. We dont guarantee, that the shop can be sold with interest on it and we cannot guarantee the shop will make good profit. The client should count this investment is made only for resident purposes, but after selling the shop, some amount of the investment can be received back, it depends how we can sale the shop. We also can help in this. What we guarantee, that the shop opened in a public place in the central of Budapest and it keeps the value of the invesment.