This from a personal account without a name with an ATM card without the name (or can put the name of any company it) comes from one of the banks in the European region of the Mediterranean and can run the account through the Internet. It also allows you to receive and transfer money to another bank by SWIFT system, as you can deposit Alchukat and bonds receivable and other euro – dollar George W and the pound sterling and most other major currencies as you can get to your money across more than 500,000 ATMs without revealing your identity at all around the world. As soon as we receive your payment, the bank will send the form directly to your address . After the signature form


And bring it back to the bank we provide the bank under a pseudonym and we That’s it, your account becomes activated and in a few days sent to you via mail (you can provide us with any title for this purpose!) ATMs that do not note down by any name which is used all over the world as full information card about your secret to manage online where you can your password mode. No need for any documents to open an account, no copy of the passport or bills or book definition!

If you want really a secret bank account and credit card (VIP) without a name card in full banking services and this is the only way to it is a very rare product!


  • Secret bank account and without a name
  • ATM card without a name
  • Receiving orders and sending money to all major currencies without restrictions!
  • Entitle ATM card to withdraw $ 1000 euros in cash daily
  • You do not need any signature or identity to gain access to your money in cash
  • The cost of account management only 100 euros
  • Your name is known to the bank and non-linked credit card
  • And withdraw funds deposited absolute confidentiality and privacy
  • Make a deposit all the means of payment and conversion
  • Turn your personal online raffles develop your own roof
  • Banking secrecy is protected by law
  • Does not disclose the account to anyone,
  • Lastly limited quantity!

Product application process

The cost of this product is 12,500 euros for clients seeking to protect their money and privacy. This product is invaluable in a world which has become difficult to maintain the secrecy or the escape of thousands of eyes and ears not only natural but also electronic.