Offshore companies in the Islands Mauritios with bank accounts in Mauritios Islands or Singapore! This company Almauritios Islands with your bank account is tax – deductible form the protection of the first class for your business and your wealth also facilitate doing your business and commercial banking smoothly and safely. Although the Privacy Tools Services provides open bank secrecy or regular in these banks in Mauritios Islands accounts service:

  1. Barclays offshore bank Barclays Offshore Bank
  2. Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Chartered Bank
  3. State Bank of India, State Bank of India
  4. Isaiah HSBC HSBC

However , we recommend Bank Mauritios Komersal Bank of Mauritius Commercial Bank so that there is a special agreement to facilitate our customers and members of our Privacy Tools Services transactions as open account transactions become easier than other banks and documents required less complex , along with the possibility of managing your account online fact that other banks only give the ability to see on your account via the internet without the possibility of conducting banking operations yourself! Documents required for registration of the company:

  1. Study on the purpose of the registration of the company’s Business plan
  2. Passport copy of each holds more than 20% of the company’s shares

Documents required for opening an account:

  1. A copy of the minutes of the Board of Directors delegated to the director of the company or more to open bank accounts and run it with the right to sign the documents and bank contracts. (We send the entire administrative decisions ready for signature)
  2. A certified copy of your passport
  3. Biographers CV Summary
  4. Book a personal identification are not dating for more than six months of any person or entity with the recipe (local bank, lawyer, doctor, ….)
  5. General benefits to prove the establishment of each commissioner to sign the bill Address Manager accounts.
  6. A statement from the local title company.

The company can complete the registration of transactions and account opening during the period of seven days. Please provide us with three options for the name of the company. The cost of this service is only 2,195 euros! And please add $ 650 US dollars if you want Resident Representative with Title services and secretarial service and pay that amount every year. We can also open bank accounts in Singapore for all companies registered in Mauritios.