Singapore is well known, it’s strategic geographical location in Southeast Asia , where it positioned a lot of international companies , especially those operating in the field of trade and services. You can today take advantage of the amazing facilities provided by Privacy Tools Services in this country wonderful that such course of company registration and account opening services banking. known for privacy tools that the Privacy Tools Services does not offer random services, which means that our services always rely on agreements Nbermha with reliable local sources and a window purpose of facilitating the work of our members and our customers.

Company registration service:
for a company in Singapore during the one you just a week send a copy of your passport certified by a notary Local Justice attached to bill public goods (telephone, water, electricity) are not dating for more than three months. Banking and Financial Services: Offers Privacy Tools Services banking service upscale for its members and its customers in Singapore by facilitating the opening of accounts of all types and specialties in one of the best banks in Singapore, a local bank and not a branch of any international bank, where you can once again test the feeling of traditional banking transaction we lost in most of the other banks , unfortunately. We offer this only the service for companies that do we have recorded or members of the Privacy Tools Services which companies registered in Singapore include the addition to the companies listed in both Mauritios and Nevis Islands as well. It is known that banks in Singapore obliges customers come in person to the bank in order to complete the account opening transactions, but of course not the existence of Privacy Tools Services ! Where you can open an account and accomplish all via e – transactions without the need to travel and incur additional cost! Entire account can be managed via the Internet and allows you to make all banking transactions , including money transfers through SWIFT system, through a special electronic device that looks like a mobile phone, in order to preserve the confidentiality of Finance your operations and safety. add to your mail system, you also get _kat book and credit card in the name of your company to withdraw your money wherever you rate $ 5,000 per day. is sent mail device in addition to the credit card ATM Card to your address directly from the bank with instructions about how to manage your account. br /> deposit opening should be not less than one thousand US dollars which remain in your account and you can dispose of them immediately upon receipt of the card. cost for these services , which include company registration and account opening is 6,350 euros. Company Address service and secretarial: the first option: includes title the company in Singapore in addition to the weekly e – transfer service to your address wherever you are at a cost of $ 999 per year. the second option: Company Address service and convert to e – added services include secretarial They include a fax number and phone number special to your company at a cost of $ 1,499 per year.