Companies offshore bank accounts in the picturesque Seychelles! Privacy Tools Services seeks to provide a wide choice of recording companies and banking services being considered to maintain the privacy and wealth tools as and meet the demands of all its customers and members. Here we present a recording offshore corporate service and the opening of the bank account in Seychelles is a service tips young businessmen especially where it involves a good package of services to ensure a successful start in the business at the international level.

This service pack contains the following:

  1. Offshore company in the Seychelles for the name you choose
  2. For more privacy we offer the possibility to be the bearer shares (not shown any owner of the company name)
  3. A bank account for your company with the ability to manage online
  4. Address for your company in the Seychelles with the possibility of providing secretarial services from telephone and e

Required to complete the registration of the company transactions and account opening:

  1. A copy of your passport certified by the notary
  2. General Bill benefits of recent (water, telephone, electricity)
  3. A special form to open the account we send you to sign and return it to us via e-mail.
  4. Book reference letter from the definition of your local bank or from your employer or anyone with a prescription.

Company can register and open an account in a few days to be able to start your business quickly! Cost is 1,550 euros and in case you want to set the local manager of the company and the ratification of the company ‘s securities Please add 605 Euros to the amount above. We guarantee the registration of your company in the Seychelles and the opening of the bank account and only Here ‘s returned full fees paid.