Is probably the Popular Most service with members of the Privacy Tools Services and its customers and is now available at a lower cost than before. This package of services that we offer from Panama specifically designed for business and high net worth individuals and is also ideal for import-export companies, consulting firms and companies trade online. From this package features it gives full confidentiality and legal immunity for those who realize its importance and its content! They include:

  1. Company Registration Offshore shares to bearer! Ie you are the actual owner of the company and have the full power on its property and bank accounts without having your name be known!
  2. It also includes managers Mahliyun Service
  3. Mahliyun managers will not know your name or who you are (the owner of the shares of the company), nor in any bank left its bank account!
  4. Letter of resignation signed by the directors without the date so as to ensure peace of mind.
  5. Book of general power of attorney signed by the directors and certified by a notary public without a name (you can add your name to be determined), a key document in order to open the secret accounts and management of the company and the signing of contracts or transfer of property.
  6. Registered in Panama Company Address
  7. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed by law
  8. No taxes at all and any kind!

The only thing is that it can not be for this company doing business in Panama (but we can secure the leave if you want it) and can not open bank accounts in Panama! Why open an account in Panama if the Privacy Tools Services provides you with this company this secret account in one of the best banks and some of these features:

  1. Secret bank account can be opened in all major currencies
  2. The entire management of the secret service account via the Internet with the ability to transfer and receive money!
  3. Maestro card to be able to withdraw your money wherever you are in the world
  4. The possibility of depositing money whatever their value through bank transfers, _kat or even cash!
  5. Distinctive banking service and in English!
  6. All information held by the bank for the account are protected and guaranteed absolute confidentiality!

The company is required to record and account opening image of your passport certified by a notary is not just! Full cost to register offshore company (bearer shares) with this only !! secret bank account and credit card is 2970 Euros They include all the services mentioned above. The mechanism of action:

  1. Send us your request paid
  2. During the seven days we send to you via courier (DHL or UPS) the entire original company documents mentioned above in addition to the application form to open an account you need only your signature.
  3. Send a copy of the signed form via e-mail directly to the bank, which will open the account immediately without waiting for the arrival of the original form via express mail and then you can start to use your account!
  4. Send the original copy of the signed form by mail to the bank.
  5. During a week or two you receive Maestro card to your address favorite!

Another product of great Privacy Tools Services !