Hong Kong , , Title distinctive global corporate banking and high – end service. Privacy Tools Services gives you the tools today ‘s opportunity registration of your company in Hong Kong , and open a bank account that can be managed via the Internet. Served us this, professional, fast and simple! Along with the bank account, get a credit card Debit Card. In order to facilitate this our service, it was agreed with our sources to exempt customers from a lot of requirements that often make the registration of the companies operations and the opening of a complex and lengthy calculations. To this end we limit ourselves only in a non – certified copy of the

Passport and bill public goods, such as electricity, water or phone.

This service, which boasts Privacy Tools Services submitting to men of Arab and foreign business include the following:

  1. Offshore company in an upscale Hong Kong, the name you choose
  2. Very special bank account in one of the world’s best banks
  3. A special device (looks like a phone) to manage your account online safely from anywhere in the world!
  4. Receiving remittances and sent via the Swift system directly.
  5. Credit card from the degree of VIP

Required to make a recording company transactions and account opening:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. General benefits bill (electricity, telephone, water ….)

The mechanism for providing the service:
We register the company and open an account, but you have come in person to the bank for a short visit to meet with a Madraoualmsrv for receipt of your electronic device to manage the account. Cost of the service , which includes registration of the company and open an account is $ 4.850 of which $ 750 deposit to open account remain in your account and you can dispose of them. we can also provide the address of your company in the upscale Hong Kong , service with full secretarial service, phone, fax, mail receiving and turn it into your address wherever you versus $ 1.200 (two hundred thousand US dollars) annually.